26 June 2019

Thank you for the building works you have done for us on at least five occasions over recent years. some of this has been property maintenance; other work has been improve and enhance our living conditions, all to a high standard.
* You have re-modelled the bathroom (which has separate toilet) into a good size family bathroom by coordinating the skills and expertise of your plumber, electrician, plasterer, tiler and woodwork. it is now a pleasure to use.
* You have sealed up an inadequate hatch to the roof space and installed a quality loft ladder on the landing.
* You have refurbished our downstairs shower room and plumbed-in a heated tower rail using all the above trades which has made it much more pleasant to use.
* You have repaired and rebuilt part of front first floor balcony which has cured a damped problem.
* This year you have re-constructed part of the back balcony, again cure a leak in the decking this time using your roofer as well as your carpenter. then finishing it of with a nice coat of masonry paint by your painter.
* Lastly. you have improved the internal appearance and ambiance of the house getting painters to finish all the internal doors with a pleasant silk white finish.
* And mostly importantly, tidied up well and taken all the debrit away.
Thank you again for all the above and we recommend you friendly efficiency and management skills to anyone who needs reliable builder and a good job done
Yours Sincerely
Mr & Mrs Rix



23 December 2018

McCann builders have made an excellent job on our recent shop refurbishments, interpreting our requirements and putting in their own ideas as well. The work was done at the weekends so we had very little disruption. We have used McCann builders previously and they have always been flexible to our needs.

Mr & Mrs Buckwell

Buckwells of Southsea



07 May 2019

CT McCann did a complete refurb on our house in Fratton. they did a fantastic job and we are really pleased, I would thoroughly recommend.

John & Kay @ rfsolutions


03 September 2019

To Whom It May Concern.
Letter of Appreciation C.T.McCann

Over the past several years we have used the above supplier for all of our building works & repairs required along with site improvements, including roof repairs, ground works, repositioning of essential equipment, concrete work, internal redevelopment to supporting walls, the list goes on.. Sufficient to say, I would have absolutely no issue in recommending the services offered by C.T. McCann Ltd to your company should you be considering any significant work being undertaken on your building or redevelopment. With their versatility and ingenuity nothing is a problem in their specific field of work for your purposes.
Working for the DVSA we are committed to keeping our operations open for testing on a weekly basis 5 days per week 52 weeks per year therefore when significant repair works needs to be undertaken in this area to floor structures affecting this service, we have to consider all aspects that will be affected by this work, not only to our business but that of our customers, so it becomes imperative that planning, timing and cost is carefully considered, and planned. Such an issue affected us recently and a major piece of floor required replacing along with repositioning of brake testing equipment, everything was time critical and all equipment and floor levels required certification by DVSA before use, no room for errors! We were delighted that through the endeavours of Colin’s team they delivered a spectacular job on time and on cost to everyone’s satisfaction with no loss of revenue. Please do not hesitate to call me should you require any confirmation or assurance or recommendation of C.T McCann’s services to your business.

R M Brown

Adams Morey LTD





C T McCann Contractors